Lumentum Operations, LLC innovates and manufactures optical components and modules for virtually every communications network in the world telecom, enterprise, and data center. Our commercial lasers enable advanced manufacturing techniques and diverse applications including next-generation 3D-sensing capabilities.

We have only started to explore the unbounded potential of light. That is why we believe, even as a small venture company, we can discover the hidden gifts of light and make our contribution to the next generation and to society.

SCANLAB AG, Germany, is the worldwide leading and independent OEM-manufacturer of scan solutions for the deflection and positioning of laser beams in three demensions.
Our high-performance galvanometer scanners, scan heads and scan systems are used worldwide for industrial laser materials processing, as well as in medical and biomedical technology.

Laser Operations LLC, manufacturer of the QPC Lasers line of products, is a leader in high performance diode lasers and diode pumped laser products for medical, industrial and consumer applications. The Company is staffed and managed by recognized and experienced veterans of the photonics industry.
Laser Operations products are based on proprietary technologies, notably its Brigthlase and Brightlock diode designs which provide unequalled diode brightness and spectral control and offer significant improvements in size, weight and cost compared to competing technologies.
All operational and business functions are conducted at our 18,000 square foot factory in Los Angeles. This fully integrated facility includes a full-function compound semiconductor chip fab, and allows all manufacturing functions, from crystal growth through final packaging, to be conducted under one roof. Laser Operations' manufacturing facility is certified in accordance with the internationally valid standard ISO 9001:2008.
The Company products are currently used by leading OEMs in a variety of medical and industrial products and are being included in a variety of large scale consumer products currently being developed.

Spectral Optics is his latest venture, representing a new source of high quality optical coatings and coated optics, and new innovations in high energy components.
In 1972 Dr. Hahn founded a company which became the global leader in the optical coatings industry. After the sale of this concern in 2002, Dr. Hahn continued with its instruments group, which became Spectral Products, LLC. A leader in both scanning and CCD-based spectroscopic systems, Spectral Products will now supply the metrology base for ensuring the quality and accuracy of Spectral Optics products.
In addition to a full line of standard coated optical components and custom coating services, Spectral Optics has introduced a series of new product families having features and capabilities not yet seen in our industry, based on its proprietary Molecular Fusion technology.